Trainees attending are aware that having a particular pastime as that of the game for money gives privileges (no need to worry about dressing well or to comply with certain times, for example) and that this also implies responsibilities … and rules.

These rules are often ignored by the new virtual casino audience, those who have recently discovered the appeal of live gaming – casino titles accessed via live streaming. For this reason, below you will find collected the rules of good manners that must be observed when connecting with a dealer in a live room.

Education towards other players and dealers

In a brick and mortar casino, you wouldn’t bother the dealer or the croupier while they are working – you would be kicked out instantly. This rule also extends to online casinos and their live rooms. Being “rude” is also counterintuitive: the casino has all the data of the unpleasant player!

With the “close” players of the table, the discussion is linked to a sense of empathy: they too are there to have fun.

Greetings and use of alcohol

Entering a live casino is exactly like sitting at a table in a real casino: you greet everyone, including the dealer, both when you arrive and when you leave.

Experience says this happens when you drink a little more. Of course, at home you can do what you want in your spare time. However, it must be remembered that lifting the elbow can make you make bad decisions in the game strategy, or even change your character and become unpleasant.

Knowing the rules is essential

As mentioned above, many new users are approaching live casino games because they are drawn to this new dimension.

It is essential to enter these virtual rooms for live play knowing the general rules and that of the individual rooms: the croupier is not required to explain anything. For example, ending up at a game table without having the right budget is considered rude, because it takes away the seat of a genuinely interested player.

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