For those less familiar with the world of gambling, online casinos in recent years have been the protagonists of a real revolution: within them live casinos (or live if you prefer!) Were born. The pastimes contained in these sections of the game portals can be accessed via video streaming.

What does it mean? This is the best of all worlds: having a webcam available, you will connect to real casinos where your favorite games will be played live – hence the name. There will also be a real dealer, plus you will be able to see your opponents! Here we explain how this new dimension works.

A real dealer available to enthusiasts

In games traditionally present on online casinos, you have to deal with the algorithms that regulate the fairness of the performance of the various games: in other words, it is a sophisticated computer that decides who wins or loses, minimizing the possibility of scams against the casino.

In live casino games , the coldness of mathematical formulas is replaced by a real dealer, who deals the cards, spins the wheel … Just like an old-fashioned casino! These are professionals with whom you can also interact on some sites – but if you disrespect them, you are expelled! So… watch out.

How do you enter a casino to play live?

Operation is no different from that of a “traditional” online casino:

  • find the online casino offering your favorite live games and complete the registration;
  • decide whether or not to take advantage of a specific bonus for live games;
  • choose the virtual room you prefer!

At this point the gambling hall, identical in all respects to a real casino, will become visible. You will have access to the table of the chosen game and you will get to know the dealer. It should be remembered that each site has its own rules of conduct: etiquette must be respected, without bothering croupiers or other players.

All live casino games

In general, in casinos that offer live games, the titles are those that are associated with “green table pastimes”: all those where you play in a group, in short, the most “social”. Roulette in all its variations, as well as Poker and its variations (some more frequent than others)

Other games in the live casino catalog are Blackjack and Baccarat , with some more particular goodies such as dice games, Sic Bo (ancient Chinese game) and even the Wheel of Fortune or real money Monopoly. As the world of live games expands, the number of pastimes grows!

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